Dental Broker Florida (DBF) is a Platform thought in the Dental Florida Business Model. DBF pretends to share experiences with Dentists about what shall matter most for them as professional practitioners and business owners, the health of their business practices. Following that basic idea, most of the Dentist Owners are fully engage with his patients (it is the reason why a Dentist studies odontology), and delegate their offices’ business performance to their manager offices, who most of the time have a parceled vision of the business given for the number of task they perform, with boundaries defined for the shift they cover and the physical space office occupied, when a dental office is much more than that, it is the result of a satisfied staff, that would make satisfied patients who in turn will bring another patients. In the same token, a dental office that last longer it is a product of good internet reviews, that capitalize in new patients, and good referrals, elements that really matters because thanks to them office would generate a good revenue that perpetuate the business for the years to come… taking care of a dental business must result in a business that must last for dentist-owner life time….