If you don’t have Hygienist Department in place you may be losing about 35% of your dental revenue. Industry benchmark 25%-35% hygienist production is the gotten result showed in the Office Report; Production by Provider, however the exponential effect caused by hygienist job is not readily visible.  On average, a well-planned and designed hygienist department, brings to the dental office an increase of 15% in average of its business, when a dentist-owner measures 25% hygienist contribution over production, hygienist department already have contributed with at least 15% of the total revenue, otherwise total revenues would be 40% less in average without Hygienist. For instance, let’s say an office shows a Production of $1.2 Million and after running Production by Provider, Hygienist displays $300,000 or 25% contribution, however the seen number is the aggregate number, no included the multiplier effect of Hygienist, if we accounted for that effect, we must understand that production is 15% more due to the multiplier effect of Hygienist, which put the real participation of Hygienist in 28.75% rather than what the office report shows. Without Hygienist the real number of productions had would been $855,000 rather than $1,2M, which consequently means office is needing 40% in order to reach $1,2M that otherwise would have with a well-planned and designed hygienist department.

Industry benchmark 25%-35% would be the north for a successful practice, and success could be measure in different ways, such as, strong online reviews and consequently recommendations done for patients that at the same time brings more patients for the referral effect it generates, as well as for a sounded Income that allow the office covers all its over-heads and leave space for a healthy EBIDA that would perpetuate the life of the office and its employees for the years to come, which bring us to a joint responsibility, that also rest in the shoulders of office’s staff.