In my experience as Dental Broker I noticed three elements that are common to successful dental business. First, location, which means successful practices not only are placed inside of a mall or huge retail plaza with so many anchor tenants but in the contrary in a place with good exposure, it could be a stand-alone building, as well as a Professional Building facing a major road and If close to a traffic light even better. Secondly, happy and/or satisfied patients. An unpleasant patient is the most harmful thing can happen to a practice, they produce bad reviews, and nowadays reviews become very important thru engineering searching relevance and speak louder about the reputation of a business, so poor reviews means loss of business, and so many dental owners in South Florida has not realized yet how important is having a lot of reviews, but much important good quality reviews. In the same token, happy patients would bring more patients, they will refer the dentist to their relatives and friends. Third, if the two  mentioned aspects are synchronized with a dynamic and efficient marketing strategy, the third element becomes a marketing strategy whose epicenter is a modern, elegant, dynamic and interconnected website, and around it revolves the campaigns on social media, Google AdWords, SEO encompassing communications and physical advertisement pieces such as flyers, local magazines, movies, just to mention a handful of marketing possibilities.

Successful dental business master the pointed elements in perfect synchronization with the company business plan, and embed with the company culture actions that re-enforced the patient and employees as the center of all its strategies, nothing goes in vacuum but in the contrary follow the firm purpose to get satisfied patients (external customers) and happy employees or internal customers. At the end, the successful business dental office would be the result of an operation that is going to perpetuate itself for the years to come, because it is self-sustainable.